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KOZAEMON Junmai Ginjo Bizen Omachi

KOZAEMON Junmai Ginjo Bizen Omachi
  • Brand: Kozaemon
  • Prefecture: Gifu
  • Type: Junmai Ginjo
  • Rice: Bizen-Omachi
  • Alcohol: 16.5%
  • Sake Meter Value (SMV): +3
  • Rice Polishing ratio: 55%
Serving Temperature:
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Product Details:

One will first notice the soft taste unique to the Omachi rice, one of the finest rice used when brewing sake, as well as the comforting fragrant of a Ginjo. With the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and umami as the result of the harmony created from the rice and natural water, this sake continues on as one of KOZAEMON’s most popular labels.

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