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Marie Brizard Syrup

Creation of Maison Marie Brzard & Roger by Marie Brizard and Jean-Baptiste Roger, Her Business partner. During this time the founders built the business starting with a reference product of anisette and a range of quality liqueurs.

Marie Brizard Syrup

Marie Brizard Chocolate Syrup

Look: Liquid, brown.

Aroma: Characteristic of dark chocolate.

Flavour: Sweet, intense, warm and gourmet. Characteristic of dark chocolate typical of cacao beans.

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Marie Brizard Cane Sugar Syrup

Look: Cristal, with light amber colour.

Aroma: Characteristic of cane sugar.

Flavour: Sweet, typical of cane sugar.

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Marie Brizard Green Mint Syrup

Look: Deep green.

Aroma: Fresh and herbaceous.

Flavour: Refreshing and mentholated, characteristic of peppery mint.

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Marie Brizard Cinnamon Syrup

Look: Liquid, slightly amber.

Aroma: Characteristic of cinnamon.

Flavour: Sweet, at first cinnamon stick ending in a round and gourmet mouth reminding of childhood sweets.

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Marie Brizard Hazelnut Syrup

Look: Brown-caramel.

Aroma: Gourmet with toasty notes, characteristic of hazelnut.

Flavour: Gourmet with toasty notes, characteristic of hazelnut.

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Marie Brizard Almond Syrup

Look: Cloudy white.

Aroma: Characteristic of bitter almonds.

Flavour: Delicate and slightly sweet and aromatic, typical of bitter almonds.

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Marie Brizard Caramel Syrup

Look: Dark amber with copper yellow glints.

Aroma: Powerful, deep, very specific of caramel.

Flavour: Sweet, gourmet and slightly vanilla-flavoured, characteristic of caramel.

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Marie Bizard Blue Curacao Syrup

Look: Liquid, intense blue

Aroma: Fruity, sweet

Flavour: Sweet, fruity and gourmet

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Marie Brizard Vanilla Syrup

Look: Amber.

Aroma: Characteristic of vanilla.

Flavour: Sweet, characteristic of vanilla.

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Marie Brizard Coconut Syrup

Look: Cloudy white.

Aroma: Characteristic of coconut.

Flavour: Sweet, gourmet and fresh, typical of coconut pulp.

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Marie Brizard Watermelon Syrup

Look: Pretty pink.

Aroma: Fruity, specific of watermelon.

Flavour: Fruity, fresh, gourmet, characteristic of watermelon.

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Marie Brizard Peach Syrup

Look: Brilliant, light gold orange colour.

Aroma: Characteristic of peach.

Flavour: Fruity and juicy, sweet and slightly acid, characteristic of the flesh of peach.

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Marie Brizard Lemon Syrup

Look: Yellow pale and bright

Aroma: Fresh and delicious lemon peels notes

Flavour: Fruitiness of the lemon yellow with a fresh aftertaste

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Marie Brizard Green Apple Syrup

Look: Light, bright green.

Aroma: Characteristic of green apple.

Flavour: Sweet, gourmet and slightly acid, very refreshing, characteristic of green apple.

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Marie Brizard Passion Fruit Syrup

Look: Cloudy, bright orange.

Aroma: A very distinctive exotic aroma, typical of passion fruit.

Flavour: Sweet, slightly acid and fruity, characteristic of passion fruit.

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Marie Brizard Gingerbread Syrup

Look: Liquid, slightly amber.

Aroma: Characteristic of gingerbread.

Flavour: Sweet, typical of gingerbread spicy notes just as cinnamon on a buttered biscuit and honeyed for more roundness and sweetness.

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Marie Brizard Anise Syrup

Look: Liquid, opaque, white

Aroma: Fresh and strong

Flavour: Fresh attack, intense and a gourmet aftertaste

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Marie Brizard Triple Sec Syrup

Look: Clear, slightly cloudy

Aroma: Subtle, citrus, fruits notes

Flavour: Sweet, bitter orange peel, with fruity notes

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Marie Brizard Elderflower Syrup

Look: Liquid, pale yellow

Aroma: Flowery notes, elegant features of the elderflower

Flavour: Floral attack mingled with gourmand sap notes

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Marie Brizard Myrtille Syrup

Look: Deep purple

Aroma: Harmonious fresh and cooked notes, typical of blueberries.

Flavour: Sweet and intense taste of blueberry.

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Marie Brizard Blackberry Syrup

Look: Deep and dark red with purplish glints.

Aroma: Fruity nose of rype blackberry.

Flavour: Velvet and smooth, aromatic, characteristic of ripe blackberry.

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Marie Brizard Grenadine Syrup

Look: Brilliant red.

Aroma: Fruity and floral.

Flavour: Sweet and slightly acidic, characteristic of red berries.

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Marie Brizard Gum Syrup

Look: Liquid, clear, slightly amber.

Aroma: Sweet notes of orange blossom.

Flavour: Sweet, floral, characteristic of gum syrup.

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Marie Brizard Strawberry Syrup

Look: Limpid and red

Aroma: Harmonious fresh and cooked notes, typical of strawberries

Flavour: Sweet and intense taste of strawberries.

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Marie Brizard Raspberry Syrup

Look: Clear and red.

Aroma: Harmonious fresh and candied notes, characteristic of raspberries.

Flavour: Slightly acidic and candy raspberry taste.

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Marie Brizard Blackcurrant Syrup

Look: Clear, intensely dark colour.

Aroma: Green nose of blackcurrant bud.

Flavour: A rich and fruity, sweet and slightly bitter blackcurrant taste.

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Marie Brizard Lime Juice Cordial Syrup

Look: Clear light green.

Aroma: Fresh, acidic nose of citrus peel.

Flavour: Acidulous taste of lime.

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Marie Brizard Lychee Syrup

Look: Liquid, clear and pale pink

Aroma: Sweet, fruity and flowery gourmet blend, characteristic of the lychee

Flavour: Fruity characteristic of lychee

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Marie Brizard Salted Caramel Syrup

Look: Liquid, amber

Aroma: Greedy and complex profile. Nice balance between the lightly buttered notes of the caramel and the salt

Flavour: Greedy, slightly buttery caramel

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Marie Brizard Grapefruit

Look: Liquid, natural but intense - pink/orange

Aroma: Fruity, rich

Flavour: Fresh and fruity, with a hint of bitterness

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