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KOZAEMON Shiroku Junmai Yuzu Sake

KOZAEMON Shiroku Junmai Yuzu Sake
  • Brand: Kozaemon
  • Prefecture: Gifu
  • Type:
  • Rice:
  • Alcohol: 8.5%
  • Sake Meter Value (SMV): -88
  • Rice Polishing ratio: 100%
Serving Temperature:
list checkChill | Room Temperature | Slightly Warm | Warm
Product Details:

The flavour of this liqueur is soft and fresh due to the addition of 'Yuzu', a very popular citrus in Japan, making it suitable for many types of food. This miracle collaboration of the Junmai Sake and Yuzu Juice is enjoyed by many people since one cannot help but fall in love with it after the first taste, and the popularity continues to grow every year. The soft and fresh flavour makes this a suitable drink for all people, best served chilled or with ice.

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