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Italy: Bosco Agostino

The farm was founded by Bosco Pietro (1904 – 1983). Today the farm continues to be run as a family business with one goal: achieve grapes of the maximum quality to be transformed into a wine with personality rendering it special and unique. The total vined surface area of the farm is currently at about 4 hectares divided between nebbiolo, barbera and dolcetto. All vineyards are property of and found exclusively within the confines of the Comune of La Morra.

Bosco Agostino

Bosco Agostino: Barolo La Serra DOCG (Cru in La Morra)

Barolo La Serra DOCG (Cru in La Morra)

Varieties: Nebbiolo

Type: Red

Alcohol Level: 14.5%


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Bosco Agostino: Dolcetto D’Alba Vantrin Doc

Dolcetto D’Alba Vantrin Doc

Varieties: Dolcetto

Type: Red

Alcohol Level: 13.5%


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