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Germany: Merk

The Merk Wine Estate, situated in the Pfalz wine growing area is family owned by Walter and Rita Merk and run by their sons Jochen and Gerrit. The vineyard soil is loamy and only natural fertiliser is used. Walter Merk turned the entire vineyard into ecological/organic production in 1990 and he is a member of the German Association of organic products called BIIOLAND. This association has established strict regulations of how to cultivate the vineyards and raise the vines. 08061179

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Merk: Pinot Noir Dry

Pinot Noir Dry

Varieties: 100% Pinot Noir

Type: Red

Alcohol Level: 14%


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Merk: Riesling Kabinett Dry

Riesling Kabinett Dry

Varieties: 100% Riesling

Type: White

Alcohol Level: 12%


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Merk: Donfelder


Varieties: 100% Donfelder

Type: Red

Alcohol Level: 13.5%


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