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Whiskey: HYDE

HYDE No5 6 Y.O.G Single Grain Burgundy Cask

HYDE No5 6 Y.O.G Single Grain Burgundy Cask

  • Brand: HYDE
  • Type: Whiskey
  • Country: Ireland
  • Alcohol Level: 46%
Product Details:

Hyde No.⑤ is a triple distilled, pure grain, Irish whiskey from one single distillery location. Originally distilled in a traditional “coffey” Copper Colum still, from pure Corn (maize) grain. It is made in small batches, not blended in any way, and matured for over 6 years in flame charred, first fill, ex-bourbon casks from Kentucky in the U.S.A. before being ‘finished’ for a further 6 months in vintage burgundy French red wine casks. Our Burgundy red wine casks come from the Burgundy region of France from the Côte d’Or vineyards near Dijon, France. Burgundy red wine is made from Pinot noir grapes which ferment the whole grape that is crushed before fermentation.

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