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Vodka: Taiga Shtof

Taiga Shtof Vodka
taiga shtof vodka

Taiga Shtof Vodka

  • Brand: Taiga Shtof
  • Type: Vodka
  • Country: Siberia
  • Alcohol Level: 40%
Product Details:

Craftsmen in heart, we created a super-premium vodka brand, TAIGA SHTOF, to challenge the high-end vodka market, where the true meaning of vodka has been lost. TAIGA SHTOF reflects the unbreakable spirit of Siberia and emerges as a paragon of ultimate quality and authenticity. A blend of the highest quality Alpha spirit, distilled from finest wheat and winter rye, with crystalline pristine waters, sourced around the region.

TAIGA SHTOF is a small-batch, hand-made vodka, which delivers a brutally smooth taste and will seduce the discerning drinkers in search of the very best quality, taste and provenance, and will bring spirit enthusiasts back to the original experience of real vodka.

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